VIBE – Beautiful Book looking at how to harness the essence, power and beauty of colour

Why VIBE and why colour?

​Colour is one of the most daily used words and a main component of our lives, yet in our day to day lives and in our homes and workplaces, colour is forgotten. The reader will gain instant enlightenment on how to harness the essence, power and beauty of colour.  How to reconnect with yourself as a human in mind, body and spirit through the channelling of colour.

​VIBE is here to redress the balance.

​Humans are spiritual energetic multidimensional beings that exist in a human body, yet the driver of technology has guided us away from fully existing or fully accessing all that we are. This beautiful book is divided into segments covering all aspects of life. Each segment offers you insight and action as to how you can use the vibration of colour.

Stunningly illustrated, this is a unique gift of joy and bliss, either for yourself or others.